Bri & Bub Off-Road

This is an Off-Road club dedicated to Abrianna and Damien (Bri and Bub) the money earned is being donated to Candlelighters, They helped us when our kids were sick and we just want to give that opportunity to others with sick kids!

We have some memorabilia that can be purchased with the club name on it. For more information on that or where to donate please contact us or follow the link below to go to Candlelighters page directly and donate.

for more info on Candlelighters please visit




Bri and Bub Off-Road

Founded and developed by Ryan and Dana Reusser. We met while our children were under going treatment at Emanuel children's hospital. We knew right away that it was gods plan for us to be able to go through these hard times together as a family. We had so much in common and were in similar situations that it created a strong bond right from the beginning, we both stayed in the hospital at all times with our kids and so we got to hang out quite often. When we were away from the hospital the kids favorite thing to do was go play in the jeep off road. We then got sent to transplant at two different hospitals Abrianna going to OHSU and Damien to Seattle children's hospital where we were only able to communicate via phone/ internet. We stuck it out and were there for each other as time went on and our children joined the angels on the big playground in the sky. Soon after that we married on valentines in 2009 and have been trying to find ways to give back ever since. We had so many loving and caring people there for us in our hardest times and just want to be able to help other families and children have that same gift!