Bri & Bub Off-Road

2014 Rock Crawl

Saturday we will be doing a clean up/work party, bbq and raffle. Work will be on our adopted section of archers trail between can opener and waterfall from 10am-2pm with the bbq and raffle to follow back at lyda camp. Raffle tickets will be earned by; 1 for participating in the clean up, +1 for the top three with the most trash picked up and you may purchase one additional ticked but must first participate in the clean up. we will have burgers, hot dogs, water, soda, ect.

Sunday we will be having our rock crawl event. it will be $35 per person entry fee before 8/1/14. $50 from 8/1/13 up to day of event. Registration and tech sat 7pm-9pm and Sunday 8am-9am. basic tech requirements will be battery tie down, seat belt, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, ohv sticker, insurance, ect. There will be cash prizes for this event. we will be using the section of archers trail 28b, 28c, 28d, 28e and 28f.

If you are unable to compete don't worry there will be places to spectate at all obstacles. We are not charging a spectating fee but a lot goes into putting on an event so donations would be greatly appreciated.

For now there will be 3 classes that everyone will fit into. 33" tires or smaller, 34"-38" tires and 39" tires and larger. If there are enough vehicles we may open more classes. We are hoping to have enough entries in each class to be able to pay out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd but that will require at least 6 competitors per class. if 5 or less per class we will only be able to pay for 1st place. There is no cap on prize money. Prizes are a percentage of entries after event is paid for so the more entries the bigger the prizes so please help spread the word.

dont forget all vehicles in the usfs are required to have insurance and other requirements. if your not sure of what they are look into it or ask us.

here is a link to the ohv map for the area:

make checks out to Bri & Bub Off-Road

Bri & Bub Off-Road Rock Crawl
Competition Rules & Regulations

Bri & Bub Off-Road’s primary interests are to develop funds for charity, enhance fun and safety for spectators and participants. Please note that Bri & Bub Off-Road makes no representations, express or implied warranties, that compliance with the rules as written or any addendums to those rules will guarantee protection against injury or death to spectators, participants, sponsors or damage to personal property. These rules and regulations constitute the minimum acceptable standards for competition and are intended as a guide for conduct. The primary responsibility for the safe condition and operation of competition rests with the vehicle owner, driver, and spotter. The total responsibility for the competition must be shared by everyone associated with the sport of rock crawling. Think safety first!
Important notice
Rock Crawling is an inherently dangerous sport. Each competitor assumes that risk when he or she participates in an event. The risk of serious injury or death cannot be eliminated and, in fact, will always be present. By competing, all competitors, both spotter and driver, agree to the following.
In consideration of being permitted to participate in any event sponsored, promoted, or directed by Bri & Bub Off-Road, the competitor for himself/herself, his/her personal representatives, heirs, and next of kin, hereby releases the corporation, and their respective officers, directors, promoters, sponsors, employees, agents and volunteers (“releasees”) of all liability to the competitor, whether caused by negligent act or omission of releasees or otherwise while the undersigned is for any purpose participating in such event. It is fully understood by each of the competitors that there is some inherent risk associated with this event, including damage to vehicles and injury or death to the individual. In addition, the competitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the releasees from any loss, liability, damage, or cost they incur due to such participation by the competitor, whether caused by releasees’ negligence or otherwise, and agrees to assume full responsibility and risk for bodily injury, death, or property damage from releasees’ negligence or otherwise while the competitor is participating in this event.
Bri & Bub Off-Road reserves the right to modify the rules for safety, environmental issues, or other valid reasons at any time. However; Bri & Bub Off-Road is responsive to suggestions from active competitors and will consider rule changes submitted in writing. Active competitors will be notified of any competition rule changes in advance of an event by one or more of the following:
1. U S mail
2. E-mail
3. On the Bri & Bub Off-Road web site (
4. Drivers meeting
5. Programs or other media containing rules printed and distributed by Bri & Bub Off-Road. It is not Bri & Bub Off-Road’s intent to eliminate anyone from competing but just the opposite. It is our goal to continually uphold the highest standards of safety possible for our customers. Please keep the big picture in mind--safety!
Each competitor acknowledges and represents the following while competing:
1 - That he or she has read the foregoing release and waiver of liability and indemnity agreement.
2 - That he or she does at all times, while riding in a vehicle participating in an event, wear his or her respective seat and shoulder belts.
3 - That the owner/driver certifies that he or she has inspected this vehicle and that the same certifies it to be in proper mechanical condition for participation in a rock crawling competition.
4 - That the owner/driver has informed himself/herself about the event, either by prior participation or by investigation into the sport.
5 - That the driver or any other person(s) in a vehicle participating in any Bri & Bub Off-Road event, may choose to bypass any obstacle and, therefore, assumes all risk and liability, as indicated above.
Please Be Aware: Although safety is generally everyone’s concern and certainly the highest priority of Bri & Bub Off-Road, the final responsibility rests on the competitors. Competitors can, at any time, choose to bypass any obstacle or area where they feel uncomfortable or unsafe driving.
Point Scoring System: There will be a maximum of 300 points for the event, 100 per course.
1.1: Course Time-Teams have three (3) minutes to start the course once being called before next team will be called. The team who missed their run on the course will be allowed to run the course after the last team in their class finishes with a 5 point penalty. Once the next class has started teams must proceeded to the next course. Every team will have a thirty (45) minute time limit to complete the event, fifteen (15) minutes per course. Once the time has expired, the vehicle must be removed from the course using the quickest allowable route possible. Time will start once any part of the team enters the course. Time will stop once any two tires cross the imaginary line between the finish gates. Vehicles may not straddle any finish gates to stop time.
1.2: Reversal- Reversing is defined as at any time if any of the tires move the vehicle backward or spin in the reverse direction. Deductions will be issued for a purposeful reversal to the competitor. A purposeful reversal or back up is considered when a driver puts the vehicle in reverse and backs or does not stop the vehicle from rolling backwards and will be a 1 point penalty per occurrence.
1.3: Bonus Lines-In an effort to reward those who wish to attempt higher difficulty lines, Bonus lines will be identified in the drivers meeting. A team that attempts and fails a bonus line may choose to return to the original departure point of the normal course to attempt to complete the course within the remaining time. All points accrued during the bonus attempt will be counted.
1.4: Timed Out-If the time allowed on the course runs out, the team is “timed out” and needs to clear the course using the quickest allowable route possible. Points will be awarded for gates/sections completed.
1.5: Rock Stacking-Any rock, log, or other item found naturally in the course vicinity may be used to helps a team’s progress through a course. One of the largest risks to spotters is stacking rocks near a moving vehicle. To promote safety, no rocks or wood are allowed to be stacked within 3 feet of a moving tire. There will be one warning issued for being to close to a moving tire and after said warning penalty points will be assessed at 15 points per occurrence. Any team seen intentionally moving rocks to a more difficult location than their original placement will be penalized for unsportsmanlike activity of 30 points.
1.6: Rollover- Penalties are given when vehicles rollover of 5 points, and cannot be corrected without touching. Vehicles that land back on their wheels are not penalized. Teams may attempt to right a vehicle in the event of a tip-over. Vehicles must be in park or gear with emergency brake set, prior to righting.
1.7: Spotter Strap-Use of a strap or rope is allowed but must be long enough that spotter is at least 15’ away from the vehicle at all times while vehicle is in motion. Using hand holes in straps or wrapping is not allowed.
1.8: Tools-Vehicles must pass through an obstacle under the power of the vehicle and spotter. Tools, when used for repair of the vehicle, are not subject to a penalty and must be carried inside the vehicle. Tool boxes and other supplies for repair must be securely fastened to the vehicle and must contain some sort of positive locking mechanism. Vehicles with tools must enter through tech with the tools in the vehicle so safety inspectors may check for proper standards. Teams may only use tools that came in with the vehicle or carried in by the spotter. Rocks may not be carried in a vehicle.
1.9: Winches-Winching is considered when a team hooks a winch cable/rope to any anchor and begins to load the cable. A cable is considered loaded as soon as the cable has tension on it. Each team may winch as many times as needed to complete an obstacle for a 25 point penalty per occurrence. There are occasions where a judge or marshal may allow a cable to be attached to an anchor for safety and no points will be issued as long as the winch is not used to pull the vehicle. This is called a safety cable. While winching, a winch-line weight must be used on any steel cable; teams must provide their own weights. Winching of the axle to compress suspension is allowed and will not be penalized.
1.10: Rear Steer and/or Adjustable suspension.
The use of rear steer and/or adjustable suspension is allowed but with a 15 point deduction per use.
1.11: Breakdown Time
Each competitor is allowed five (5) minutes of cumulative breakdown time per day of competition. However, the team must immediately move the vehicle off the course when they have timed out. Repairs and work done while on the obstacle must be performed entirely by the driver and spotter. Outside help coming onto the course will immediately “time out” the team and the vehicle must be moved.
1.12: Fluid Control
Teams must adhere to all fluid related rules. Excessive loss (Meaning more than a few drops) of fluids in general will result in a penalty of 20 points and are subject to vehicle disqualification after an initial warning.
1.13: Outside Assistance
Any spectator or team member in the course area assisting or assisting by electronic devises to the spotter or driver while the team is on the course could cause the competing team to be disqualified from the event. Determination factors will include but are not limited to: Whether the person or persons are with the team in question or whether the person or persons are spectators only and have no affiliation. Sportsmanship is the responsibility of everyone so be sure to warn your friends and teammates of the image they portray. This activity is called cheating and makes everyone look bad. Team members consist of the Driver, Spotter, and vehicle; therefore only the driver and spotter can communicate through electronic communication devises while on the course.
1.14: Out of Bounds
Each course has an out of bounds line. Due the competitive nature of rock crawling and a process will be used to determine the out of bounds infraction. The process follows as: Once the competitor starts to cross the out of bounds line, the driver or spotter will be given a warning of the infraction, the competitor has the option of backing up or positioning the vehicle without occurring the out of bound infraction, (all other infractions such as reversals and gates will be penalized). If the competitor moves further towards out of bounds, the team will then receive 10 penalty points and another warning of disqualification. If the competitor moves further towards out of bounds, the team will receive disqualification. If the vehicle makes a sudden movement into the out of bounds area, the team will receive 10 penalty points but not a disqualification unless they continue to proceed out of bounds.
1.15: Seat Belts
Every driver must wear and lock their safety belt system. A penalty of 10 points will be assessed per occurrence if the driver is in the vehicle and starts movement on course without the required safety belt system locked.
Tech and Registration Rules:
2.1: Drivers
Drivers from one vehicle may spot for another competitor. Competitors must have a valid driver license and insurance from competitor’s home state or country. Competitors under 18 years of age must have parental or guardian consent in writing to compete. Sixteen (16) years old is the minimum age to compete.
2.2: Driver Order
Drivers are free to line up at designated area any time after completing tech and are able to walk the course. First team will start on course at 10am.
2.3: Driver’s Meeting
All competitors should attend the Event Meeting. This will be at the starting area following the close of tech before the first vehicle starts on the course. Specific information is given at these meetings. Failure to attend is not an excuse for infractions or not knowing information given at the event meeting.
2.4: Entry Fee: There will be a $35 entry fee before 8/1/14. From 8/1/14 until the day of the event it will be $50
2.5: Late Registration-Teams, who fail to make tech/check-in during the normal hours, may tech and check-in late, but will be charged a late fee of $20.00 without prior registration and approval.
2.6: Tech and Registration: Tech will begin on the Saturday before the event at 7pm and end at 9pm and Sunday the morning of the event at 8am and end at 9am. Tech will take place at the staging area in lyda camp.
2.7: Late registration will begin at 9:01am around the starting area at the base of can opener. All teams must be registered and passed tech by the time the last vehicle in their class completes the first course in order to compete.
2.8: Any teams found with Illegal vehicle standards must be completely legal by 9am or by the time the last vehicle in their class completes the first course with late tech fees. Safety infractions will not be permitted and the team will not be able to compete.
2.9: Teams may not compete in the event until they have passed a tech inspection by an event official. Tech Officials will provide a copy of the infracted rules so that teams are aware of their status.
2.10: Spotters may pull on straps as long as straps used by a spotter is long enough so that the spotter is never closer than 15 feet from the vehicle in any direction. Spotters pulling from a distance less than 15 feet will result in a penalty of 15 points. Spotters may not wrap the strap around any part of their body or may also receive a 15 point penalty.
2.11: Sportsmanship-During all Bri & Bub Off-Road events, proper sportsmanship is required. If a competitor or team member (including backup help) promotes un-sportsman like conduct, is rude or abrasive to officials or local authorities, other teams or spectators, destroys property, or displays drunken or disrespectful behavior, they and/or the team will receive a 30 point penalty and may be disqualified from the current event and/or future events. The goal is to promote a respectable sport and promote sponsoring companies in a professional light. Therefore un-sportsman like conduct will not be tolerated.
2.12: Protests of Judge’s Ruling- Judges should call out penalties when they occur. Judges have the final say in all cases except for a misunderstanding of a rule. We recognizes that there will be, from time to time, errors in a Judge’s call. Marshalls can overturn a Judge’s decision in cases of misunderstanding of rules or in extraordinary cases. A Marshal Will Not over-turn a Judge’s “judgment call.” ie. A call on out of bounds, reverse, speeding, etc. The protesting team must wait for the completion of the course before issuing protest. One team may protest another. If the protest cannot be handled “on course” to everyone’s satisfaction, a formal protest may be issued in writing within 10 minutes of the completion of the day’s competition. If a team is considering issuing a protest, please give the courtesy of notifying a Bri & Bub Off-Road Marshal as soon as possible, so scoring officials can be made aware of potential changes. All formal protests must be submitted to a Marshal and a meeting of all Marshals still present will be held to determine the outcome. Their decision is final. Treatment of Judges, event officials, and volunteers falls under sportsmanship.
2.13: Protests for Vehicle-Only competitors may challenge a vehicle as to its compliance with the rules. In doing so, the challenge must be made no later than the end of late tech the day of registration. This must be done in writing and given to a Bri & Bub Off-Road Marshal. Bri & Bub Off-Road will then review the vehicle in question. Having reviewed the vehicle and finding an infraction, will take appropriate action up to and including making the challenged team correct the problem, assign points against the vehicle’s team or disqualify the vehicle and/or the team from the event. At our events, only items that would be considered a gross safety violation will be considered for disqualification. If after reviews of the vehicle finds all in order pertaining to the challenge, the challenging team will be assessed 20 penalty points.

The Judge has the right but not the responsibility to advise spotters and drivers of unsafe acts. Further, any act deemed unsafe by a judge is to immediately be discontinued. Failure to comply can result in an immediate “timed out” and will be disqualified. Safety requirements include, but are not limited to:
3.1: Seat Belts-Must be worn at all times while driving or riding in a vehicle. This includes all passengers and time ran between obstacles as well as time to and from the event site. Seat belts must be secured and locked down.
3.2: Winch cable-winch cable/weight must be used prior to any tension on any steel cable. If not there will be a 15 point penalty.
3.3: Fluid Control-Teams must adhere to all fluid related rules. Excessive loss of fluids will result in a 20 point penalty and are subject to vehicle disqualification. Judges must call a Marshall to clarify this call when made.
3.4: Loose Articles-All items must be securely fastened to prevent injury in the event of a rollover.
3.5: Fire Extinguisher-A “completely full” fire extinguisher must be securely mounted. Extinguishers should not be mounted close enough to fuel cells or potential fire hazard areas that would make it dangerous to obtain. All vehicles must have a fire extinguisher fixed inside the vehicle that can be easily reached, released and used by the driver when the vehicle is any position, both right-side up and upside down.
3.6: Helmets
All competitors riding in a vehicle without a factory metal hardtop must wear a DOT/Snell approved helmet while competing.
3.7: Medical Conditions-Teams must advise a Bri & Bub Off-Road marshal of any medical conditions that they may have that would affect their ability to perform or become a concern during competition. (Seizures, diabetes etc…)
3.8: Handles: Handles are recommended on the roll cage. These are to be mounted so that in the event of a rollover the hand is safe. Holding onto the outside of the cage is not allowed.
3.9: 1st Aid Kits
First aid kits containing at least; medical tape, gauze, band aids, and a wrap are required in each vehicle.
3.10: Injury Report
Any competitor (driver or spotter) must report any injury to a Bri & Bub Off-Road Marshal prior to leaving the premises (if such competitor is able to make such report.)
3.11: Drugs/Alcohol
Drugs and alcohol will not be permitted in any degree. Competitors who are found to be consuming or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol during competition will be disqualified from the event without a refund.
3.12: Emergencies-During an event, a team member may be replaced due to an emergency, with approval from a Bri & Bub Off-Road Marshal. The vehicle must remain the same through an entire event.

Bri & Bub Off-Road Rock Crawl Event Purse
Purse will consist of 100% of paid entry fees (minus cost event insurance, permits and supplies). Purse payouts will be to the top 3 competitors per class, as long as there are more than 5 competitors per class. If there are less than 5 competitors per class Bri & Bub Off-Road will repay the entry fee to the top spot per class.
Purses will be paid out based on the following percentages:
1st=40%, 2nd=20%, 3rd=10%, 15% to Candle Lighters for Children and 15% to Event Organizers.

Tie Breaker: In the event of a tie the team with the fastest total time for the day will be awarded the win.

im sure there are things we are forgetting so feel free to ask any and all questions you may have and i will update info as we get it. this is the first big event we are doing and would love to see a huge turn out so please feel free to spread the word.
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